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The Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter make great campervans. However if you're travelling with more than two people your layout options can be limited. Adding a Moa Roof Extension doubles your berths and increases your head height and without adding  the weight, size and inconvenience of a full fledged motorhome.

Raising the roof on your Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter with an affordable hi top conversion

Ford Transits and Mercedes Sprinters make excellent campers but the standard layouts often sleep only two people and can be a pain in the neck (literally) for anyone over 6 foot.

If you’re sick of being hunched over there’s currently no roof extension option open to you.

Vanlifer now has the answer – a Moa High Roof Extension. 

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from potential buyers of a fibre glass Roof Extension for the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter.

We envisage that a fully installed Moa High Roof Extension will cost around (NZD) $17,000 installed. With a slightly higher cost if it needs to be colour-matched.

The Moa High Roof Extension allows you to comfortably stand and move around your van, enables a 4-berth layout by utilising an over-cab bed,  provides height for a fully-enclosed shower and toilet, and additional overhead storage.

Plus you’ll retain all the advantages of a large van over a light truck or large motorhome: cost, fuel economy, size, ease of driving and parking.  

ford transit roof top extension sprinter high roof

Your Moa Hi Top Roof Extension:

  • Will be compact – it only raises the roof where its needed for comfort. For example, you don’t really need a standing height ceiling above the bed
  • Will give you a compact motorhome at a significantly lower cost than typical motorhomes which typically start from (NZD)$150,000
  • Lets you to install a standing height fully enclosed shower and toilet
  • Lets you to install over-cab sleeping quarters for children (and grand children). Boost your berths from 2 to 4.
  • Gives you greater storage 
  • Will give you a motorhome that can still be used as a daily commuter, is easy to maneuver and park at home or the supermarket
  • Will give you better fuel economy than large motorhomes
  • Will give you a motorhome that is cheaper to insure than large motorhomes 
  • Could result in lower ferry and other transport fees as your Transit and Sprinter is more compact than a full motorhome.
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Motorhomes, fifth-wheel trailers, and caravans require more experience to drive safely and are less forgiving when a mistake occurs. Plus they are less convenient when having arrived at your destination and “set up camp” you want to then tour the local area or go ‘into town”.

Expressions of interest

Vanlifer is seeking Expressions of Interest in the Moa Roof Extension. If there is sufficient interest we will design and build a mould and establish a manufacturing facility for the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter.

Click here to register your interest in the Vanlifer high top. 

If you don’t need a standing height motorhome then check out Vanlifer’s Camper Kits for the Transit and Sprinter priced from $5,000. You can install these yourself or we can do it for you. And these kits fully comply with New Zealand’s Self Containment Regulations. 

Check out our website to see all the options available.

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