Portable luxury bathroom trailer: what you need to know about the Vanlifer Towable Bathroom

A proper shower and toilet - complete with total privacy - are luxuries few camper vans or motorhomes can boast. But here at Vanlifer, we’ve designed the solution - read on to find out about the Towable Bathroom.


The Vanlifer Towable Bathroom

After a long, hot day sight-seeing, on the road, hiking or at the beach, having a proper shower is usually only reserved for people with hotel rooms instead of four wheels.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a bathroom in your camper van or motorhome, this is usually at the cost of privacy and living space.

But here at Vanlifer, we think we’ve designed a happy medium - the Towable Bathroom.

Designed to be towed by any family vehicle (we’re working to get the weight finalised), the portable bathroom trailer is self-sufficient so won’t eat into your power or water supply).

It’s 2500mm long x 1900mm wide and has a 1950mm inside standing height so is big enough to feel roomy for even the tallest of campers, but compact enough not to be cumbersome and can tuck into any parking spots or campsites.

The Towable Bathroom’s 80L fresh water tank means it can provide about 20 minutes of shower time between refills so you can opt to have quick washes or one ultra-long shower if needed.

This water doesn't feed into the flushing toilet, which has its own water tank so is unaffected if you run out of shower water.

And with the Towable Bathroom being completely separate from your camper van or motorhome, you won’t have to worry about water getting in your living space.

We also think the Towable Bathroom has potential to be taken to on family group camping trips, music festivals, building sites, filming locations, sports events - among other possibilities!


Specs of the portable luxury bathroom trailer

  • Gas-heated instant hot water - capable of a 20 minute shower before needing a refill
  • Flush toilet (cassette)
  • 250W solar system
  • 80L fresh water tank
  • 80L grey water tank
  • 19L black water capacity for the toilet
  • 7L flush water capacity
  • 110Ah battery
  • LED lights
  • Extractor fan

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More about the portable luxury shower

We know how important it is to have a proper shower either at the start or end of the day (or both) while on the road, so we’ve made this a priority.

As well as instant hot water which you can adjust to your preference with a mixer, the shower Vanlifer Towable Bathroom is capable of running for 20 minutes before needing to refill the 80L tank.

It’s also spacious - we put the sink inside the shower door to make the most of the space. In total, the shower area is 900mm wide x 1500mm long with a standing height of 1950mm.


If your interesting in hearing about developments in the design and building of our towable bathroom please click here.

Tell us what you think - what would you use the Towable Vanlifer Bathroom for? What else would you like to see in it?

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